Products Under Development

Along with our current offerings, some of our exciting products are still in development, expected to roll out between 2023 and 2024:

DAOwrap: This free-to-use platform automates the creation of legal wrappers for DAOs, DAO units (such as committees or sub-DAOs), and multisig wallets. In as fast as 10 minutes, secure your organization's legal and financial shield to operate with confidence.

BlackBox: These funds hold assets that can be released under specific predetermined circumstances, ensuring a robust financial shield against unexpected events. One of the major applications for BlackBoxes we envisage is safeguarding DAO contributors, including multi-sig controllers, against regulatory, tax, and financial risks. Through integration with qualified off-chain oracles, BlackBox can precisely identify and respond to these specified occurrences, thereby providing assured financial security for DAO stakeholders.

DAOboard: An integrated dashboard designed to serve as the central hub for all DAO interactions, presenting a streamlined, unified platform that offers comprehensive insights into DAO operations. DAOboard consolidates a plethora of tools for both on-chain and off-chain voting, communication, reporting, along with tracking current and future events, opportunities, and statuses of critical initiatives and processes. DAOboard seamlessly incorporates various third-party integrations, empowering DAOs to utilize tools they are familiar and comfortable with.

DAObox Verify: A privacy-oriented tool, acting as a singular verification point for crypto industry participants. This solution categorizes individuals and organizations into relevant groups based on conducted checks, such as citizenship, residency, political status, and more, without exposing sensitive personal data. Upon completion, the individual's wallet receives a soulbound token. This token allows other market participants to verify the results and determine whether the person is eligible without needing access to personal information, preserving the individual's privacy.

DAObox Pay: An innovative service crafted to streamline transactions in the Web3 industry. DAOPay facilitates effortless access to fiat payments for Web3 projects and teams, enabling them to send USDT/C, while the designated counterparty receives USD or EUR directly to their bank account. Specifically designed to address the common challenge of opening bank accounts and conducting fiat transactions among Web3 projects, DAOPay serves as a crucial bridge linking the traditional banking system and the decentralized finance world, thereby ensuring a seamless financial operation.

The Web3 Arbitration Institute: A specialized arbitration institution dedicated to resolving disputes and claims within the Web3 and crypto sphere. This institution melds industry-specific knowledge and legal expertise, employing arbitrators with deep specialization in crypto and Web3, and providing crypto-friendly resolution procedures. This service aims to bridge the gap between the complexities of the crypto world and the intricacies of legal arbitration.