How Our Approach is Different?

DAObox's approach to selecting, designing and creating DAO legal wrappers diverges from other models in the market, primarily in the following aspects:

  • Inclusivity. We work with all major forms of legal wrappers and all key countries where these forms are available. Therefore, we can advise the DAO and its contributors on choosing the right wrapper form and jurisdiction based on their specific needs, unique requirements and anticipated activities;

  • Education. We always aim to educate the DAOs we interact with and their members about the frameworks for DAO structuring, best options available, control and governance procedures, as well as other matters pertaining to legal wrapper;

  • Proper Design. DAObox designs legal wrappers which are ultimately subordinated to, and controlled by, the DAO, which fosters decentralization. Such properly structured wrappers ensure that DAO members' interests are protected, the DAO property remains secure even when entrusted to the wrapper, and that the DAO has actual oversight over the persons serving as directors and managers at the wrapper;

  • Complete Solution. DAObox provides only tailored, fully configured and operational wrappers. We don't offer half-finished structures and don't pass the responsibilities related to designing or forming legal wrappers on to the DAO contributors. Our services are always complete;

  • Decentralized Experience. With us, each DAO can enjoy a fully decentralized, degen-friendly experience. We know how decentralization works, can communicate directly with the DAO, e.g., on the DAO forum or discord, speak the same language, and are always happy to educate our fellows in the blockchain community on all aspects related to legal wrappers.

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