Engage DAObox to Manage a DAO Legal Wrapper

Discover more about DAObox's signature administration and management service for DAO legal wrappers. Learn more about the service, its components and how a DAO could engage DAObox as administrator.

DAObox's DAO Legal Wrapper Management Service covers all essential aspects of operating, managing and facilitating DAO legal structures, units and wrappers, new and existing.

Why Wrapper Management is Essential

Once a DAO establishes a legal wrapper, it must appoint executives to manage and personnel to administer the operations of the wrapper and its day-to-day business. This is necessary because dealing with paperwork, compliance, infrastructure, grants, and similar tasks requires dedicated attention.

In the past, these management responsibilities were often assumed by the DAOs' core contributors, such as founders and key team members. However, as the blockchain world has evolved, there has been a decrease in risk tolerance and an increase in compliance risks. Consequently, fewer and fewer core contributors are willing to assume roles within the wrapper, undergo KYC checks and screenings, or expose themselves to legal risks.

To add, the DAO has to assign staff and personnel to handle daily operations, which often requires disproportionate effort and can be resource-intensive and time-consuming, as the personnel also requires management and oversight.

Additionally, the DAO has to allocate staff and personnel to manage the daily operations of the wrapper. This often requires disproportionate effort and can be resource-intensive and time-consuming. Furthermore, the personnel also require their own management and oversight, adding another layer of complexity to the process.

To address the shift in the regulatory environment and changing attitudes within the crypto community, and aiming to equip decentralized organizations with a resource-efficient solution addressing these needs, DAObox has designed its specialized legal wrapper management service.

With this service, our goal is to outfit DAOs with everything they need to keep their legal wrappers operational without having to contribute a significant amount of resources and time to this effort. DAObox effectively substitutes other service providers and professionals that a DAO would otherwise require, which by itself saves substantial amounts in payroll and expenses annually.

Another essential factor to consider here is decentralization – entrusting the responsibility of managing the legal wrapper to a third-party contributor like DAObox avoids creating a point of centralization, as would occur if the core team or a group of affiliates were in charge.


Our management service operates on a subscription model. We offer two primary packages: one for comprehensive wrappers and another for IP units. However, our service is highly modular, allowing us to provide customized solutions tailored to the specific needs, estimated time commitments, and objectives of each DAO for utilizing the wrapper.

The basic terms of our engagement include a minimum two-year contract with annual payments that predominantly cover our expenses and disbursements. Additionally, a modest token allocation is included as our incentive.

For more detailed information about this service and the available packages, please visit this page.

DAObox’s Responsibilities

  • Representation: DAObox represents the legal wrapper and acts on its behalf, dealing with the legal formalities and ensuring seamless operations.

  • Legal Wrapper Support: We facilitate the legal structure and keep it in good standing, making sure that all applicable corporate and other requirements are met.

  • Operational Management: We handle the daily operations of the legal wrapper and act as both de facto and de jure directors and managers of the structure – with DAObox, the wrapper gets a team of dedicated managers starting from day one.

  • Asset Management and Protection: DAObox manages the assets and intellectual property of the legal wrapper, including crucial IP, trademarks and domain names. We go a step further by offering legal protection for these assets, both against any possible infringement or hostile activities.

  • Paperwork Management: We handle all essential paperwork associated with the legal wrapper, including the execution of agreements and legal instruments.

  • Contributor Management: Our responsibilities include engaging and managing the contributors, service providers and auditors.

  • Service and Infrastructure Management: DAObox manages the major services, subscriptions, and technical infrastructure utilised in connection with the project.

  • Fiat Accounts Management: DAObox opens and manages fiat accounts for the legal wrapper, which includes processing fiat payments.

  • Grant Programs Management: DAO grant programs can be realised via the legal wrapper, ensuring they are legally structured and properly administered.

  • Business Correspondence: We handle all business correspondence and act as the main point of contact for the DAO legal wrapper.

  • Guidance on Wrapper-Related Matters: We guide the DAO on all matters related to the legal wrapper, helping its members navigate any potential obstacles and better understand how things work.

  • Reporting: We take responsibility for comprehensive reporting, ensuring transparency and accountability.

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