About the Service

DAObox's DAO Wrapping Service is a full-service package that covers all critical aspects of designing, establishing, and operating full-fledged DAO legal structures.
With this service, our goal is to outfit the DAO with a fully operational legal wrapper in a single step. This eliminates the need for the DAO to involve additional third-party service providers or contributors, effectively providing an all-inclusive solution.
  • Design: DAObox specializes in creating thoughtfully designed DAO structures that far exceed those commonly seen in the current landscape. We understand that without robust governance, systems of checks and balances, and mechanisms for the DAO to guard itself against unjust or fraudulent conduct by wrapper managers, the entire organization can be jeopardized, including its property and assets. At DAObox, we prioritize the DAO and its stakeholders by crafting top-tier designs that retain the DAO's control over the wrapper's operations and assets.
  • Formation: Instead of placing this responsibility on the core contributors, DAObox takes the reins in this process, acting as the de jure founder of the new structure, undergoing KYC checks and screenings, and managing all formation matters. The DAO’s contributors are thus spared from direct involvement (unless desired), which shields DAO members and core contributors from legal exposure and potential risks involved.
  • Operation: Once the legal entity is established, DAObox steps into the roles of director and supervisor within the legal wrapper. Our dedicated team handles the management and day-to-day operations, adhering to the mandate given by, and under the supervision of, the DAO. This eliminates the need for the DAO to designate additional C-level managers, service providers, or staff which would otherwise be required to operate the structure.