Engagement Process

Our engagement process is designed to resonate with the decentralized essence of DAOs and Web3 organizations and, normally, evolves through the following stages:

  • Initial Discussion: This stage kickstarts our engagement process as DAObox initiates a preliminary dialogue with the DAO and its contributors. Our primary aim during this phase is to pinpoint possible engagement opportunities and grasp the unique requirements of the DAO.

  • Direct Offer: Drawing from the insights gathered in the initial discussion, DAObox presents a detailed proposal to the DAO. Shared through a forum post, a Discord message, or any other suitable channel, this proposal delineates the engagement scope, terms of service, and associated financial aspects.

  • DAO Discussion: This stage encourages comprehensive deliberation within the DAO community. Here, the DAO evaluates our proposal, discussing its advantages and deciding whether to proceed to a community vote.

  • DAO Vote and Kick-Off: If the proposal garners support from the DAO community, a vote is cast. A successful vote leads to the DAO allocating the necessary funding for the formation of the legal wrapper and covering associated fees. Thereafter, DAObox commences the process of setting up the legal structure.

  • Formation: During this pivotal phase, DAObox designs the legal wrapper structure, produces extensive constitutional documentation, and performs the incorporation, addressing all legal requirements associated with the formation. If required, we can participate in discussions, join the AMA sessions, and educate the DAO members about wrapper-related matters and associated procedures.

  • Set-Up Notice: Once the DAO legal wrapper is in place, DAObox issues an official notice to the DAO community. The notice includes essential details of the newly established structure and suggests possible long-term and short-term tasks and assignments for the DAO to consider. By the way, these assignments can be set during the DAO vote and kick-off phase. The wrapper materials and documentation are delivered to the designated DAO contributors or the DAO generally, as the case may be.

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