DAO Legal Wrappers – the Service

DAObox specializes in designing and creating legal wrappers for any DAOs. Our mission is to ensure that every DAO receives a fully configured wrapper with installed control and oversight mechanisms, tailored to their specific requirements and integrated with their existing governance procedures.

To ensure that our client DAOs receive the best service available and can get the legal wrapper in "one go", DAObox works with all legal wrapper forms and all major jurisdictions where these forms are available.

Our goal is to outfit each DAO with a fully operational legal wrapper in a single step. This eliminates the need for the DAO to involve additional third-party service providers or contributors, effectively providing an all-inclusive solution.

  • Design: DAObox specializes in creating thoughtfully designed DAO structures that far exceed those commonly seen in the current landscape. We understand that without robust governance, systems of checks and balances, and mechanisms for the DAO to guard itself against unjust or fraudulent conduct by wrapper managers, the entire organization can be jeopardized, together with the property and assets entrusted to the wrapper. At DAObox, we prioritize the DAO and its stakeholders by crafting top-tier designs that retain the DAO's control over the wrapper's operations and property, and entitle DAO members to sufficient protective instruments and emergency measures.

  • Formation: Instead of placing this responsibility on the core contributors, DAObox takes the reins in this process and handles 100% of formation matters and issues. We engage with local registration agents, prepare all required documentation, guide the DAO through the whole procedure, do the filings and, finally, complete the formation.

Upon completion, we deliver the structure and all related materials to the DAO or their designated contributors, at which point the legal wrapper is fully operational and can be used by the DAO.

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